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I had bcbs early this year and loved the subtle smoke and char in it. Want to brew something like it but with more char and smoke so I'm modifying a ris recipe from brewing classic styles


I substituted the base grain with smoked malt, thinking cherrywood for its subtlety and sweetness. I decreased the roasted barley and chocolate from 2.5 lbs to 2 lbs each then I substituted half of the chocolate with 1 lb black malt  Thinking the black malt will give me some of that char  I also decreased the c120. Recipe had a finishing gravity of 1.037, that just seems way too high for me so I'm hoping by decreasing the specialty grains and by using an American yeast it would dry out the beer more


Shooting for 60% efficiency. I've only brewed 2 big beers, one hit 66% efficiency while the other was 60%



Post boil volume 5 gallons


Pre boil volume 6.5 gallons


1.5 hr boil and 1 hr mash. Mashing at 149


51% Maris otter 12.75 lbs


22% smoked malt 5.5 lbs


8% roasted barley 2 lbs


8% wheat malt 2 lbs


4% chocolate malt 1 lb


4% black malt 1 lb


3% c120 12 oz


Hop schedule will just be whatever I have in my freezer. Chinook and Kent goldings probably


Yeast will be us05

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Well i think with that much RB and black malt it will be plenty dry enough. I believe 10 to 20% smoked malt will give ya plenty of smoke character. Never brewed one not a fan but insay go for it

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Maybe knock down the rb a bit?

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